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Your Roadmap to Massive Success in 2020

Imagine if you could 10x your income in 2020? Imagine if you had no doubt whatsoever that you would succeed?

Success is an exact science that can be learned and I will show you!

Join me for this impactful and inspiring seminar where you will find out what is stopping you from achieving your ideal life and learn how to unlock your mind to success and wealth creation. This step by step process is used worldwide by the top 1% of successful people.

Isn’t it frustrating seeing other people succeed at a high level and not you - not because you don’t want them to succeed but because you know you should be enjoying higher successes yourself!

Ever felt that way? I did.

I enjoyed massive success in my leadership role at Corporate Canada. Then I decided to go out on my own so I could I work from home and take care of my children, one of which has health issues. I thought I would be a high flying successful entrepreneur. I expected nothing less of myself. But I had mediocre success making only 20% of what I had made in my corporate job.

So I tried harder, worked harder - with no real impact.

I went on more courses and training - with no material impact.

What the hell?

Then in 2016 I was led to Bob Proctor’s teachings - Bob is the Star of The Secret and Think & Grow Rich, The Legacy, and the top success and prosperity teacher in the world. Since then my whole world turned back around and I am now enjoying extraordinary success (I am one of the top elite coaches working with Bob). I have 10x my income, my confidence is back, that spring in my step is back, and now I am showing people how to do the exact same thing.

I want to share this same path with you!

What you will discover at this seminar:

  • The key dimensions of success - Desire, Decision, Habits, Self Image, Beliefs
  • What has been blocking you from bigger better results
  • The one thing you that would catapult your results professionally and personally
  • How to move your mindset from your current results to where you want to be
  • How to fast track your goal achieving for 2020

I am passionate about your success and excited to share this powerful material and see its impact. YOU’LL NEVER LOOK BACK.

If you’re looking for the proven formula to succeed in 2020, join me at the event!

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How to turn your Current Annual Sales into your Monthly Sales FREE WEBINAR

Join us the first Wednesday of every month for a FREE Webinar 7am or 8pm EST. 

  • Imagine if you could 10x your sales in 2020? 
  • Imagine if you had no doubt whatsoever that you would exceed your sales targets? 

Sales & Success is an exact science that can be learned and I will show you! 

Join me for this impactful and inspiring free webinar where you will find out what is stopping you from closing higher sales and learn how to unlock your mind to success in sales. This step by step process is used worldwide by the top 1% of people successful in sales.

  • Ever gone on great sales training and some hit it out of the park and you don’t? 
  • Ever got someone really interested in buying and then they don't?
  • Do you hear a lot of ‘not right now’, ‘the timing is not right’, ‘not enough money’ etc.?

I have 10x my monthly income in 9 months, let me show you how I did it! I “struggled” in sales for years thinking I wasn’t a sales person. I went on the best sales training and still had no major impact on my sales results. Now I love sales because it’s not about the sale, it’s about making an impact. Up for making a profound impact?

This webinar is for:

  • Serviced Based Professionals looking to get more clients 
  • Commission based Sales Professionals - Insurance advisors, Mortgage agents, Realtors, Network Marketers, Financial advisors, Sales Managers & Executives

If you are ready to explode your sales for 2020, invest 1 hour in our FREE Webinar. 

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Because with a different theme going every day, you will have various ways to engage in the most POWERFUL content in the world!! Working with legendary BOB PROCTOR there is no shortage of fantastic material I want to share with you. One morning can change your life!! 

Why is each day worth your time? 

Monday Morning MoJo: There are a thousand and one ways to raise your vibration and get you pumped and jazzed about your day and week. I want you to start your week on a really high note!  

Wednesday's Wisdom:  Immersed in this powerful and life changing content that I study every day, I will share my thoughts on it''s meaning and impact. I welcome your interpretations and insights too!!!  

Thursday's Tips & Tricks: In working with Bob Proctor, there are many tricks and tips for creating the results and life you want that I will share with you.  


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