Manifesting millions


Is this you?

- Finding it hard to stand out in a fiercely competitive field?

- Frustrated you’re not one of the mega earners you’ve seen in your industry?

- Hungry to be a top producer? 

- Frustrated that all that great training you’ve invested in hasn’t made a big difference for you? 

Join the Manifesting Millions Group and experience quantum leap transformational change. 

Here’s why you want to join this group then

- Be immersed in the teachings of legendary Bob Proctor and other elite influential personal development leaders

- Learn how to take control of your results and differentiate yourself

- You will begin to attract the kinds of clients you want

- Join a community of like minded individuals who are all striving for bigger and better

- Be taught and coached by a top coach with Bob Proctor

- Multiple your income 

- Leverage the fantastic training you have taken to date

We are the average of the 5 people we spend our time with. So if you want to achieve bigger and better in your life, and there's absolutely no question you're capable, join our community of people who are ALL into becoming more and achieving more.  This community will study and learn together, share and discuss together, encourage and inspire each other, be there for each other, and together achieve much higher levels of success.

Together We Thrive

What you can expect if you are part of this community:

- weekly 30 minute Masterclass on key dimensions of success including

• dream goal clarification 

• commitment

• self-image

• beliefs 

• attitude

• Money

• Paradigms 

• and many more

- Quick tips to make a difference in your day

- Weekly Reading Club 

You were born RICH Webinar!!

 JOIN US on Wednesday August 7, 2019 for a FREE Webinar, 7 am OR 8 pm.

Your were born Rich!!
What does that mean?

You were born with an abundance of talent, ability, and giftedness that you will never in your wildest dreams be able to use up! You are truly sitting on a goldmine of talent called YOU! ACCEPT IT!! You are RICH in talent and capability!! Feels good doesn't it?!

But your programming (wiring, conditioning, habitual behaviour) does not let all that phenomenal talent out. IMAGINE if all of your talent and capability was let loose on the world?! WOW what a thought eh?!

I am going to show you how to make that happen and LIVE the rich life that you deserve and that lies within your reach RIGHT NOW!

RSVP today!!

Sign up today!!

Are you looking for more? Are you looking to learn and meet new people? Join us!!

Monthly Meetings

Radical Collaboration Networking (RCN)

JOIN US the 3rd Friday of every month at Aw Shucks in Aurora, from 8:30 - 10:00 am.   (15230 Yonge St. Aurora, ON, L4G 1P2 )

Networking with a powerful new twist:

Come with the mindset of "How can I help others tonight?" and you will have a fantastic opportunity to help others tonight. AND you will go away with massive value! Guaranteed!!

✔  You will get to ask for what you need help with to take your business to the next level and the group will offer up solutions

✔  Don't leave without a minimum of 3 appointments scheduled. Collecting business cards is not good enough!!

✔  Each month will also have a theme - a question that everyone will be discussing e.g. how to make impactful presentations.

Your 60 second intro is NOT about what you do, but what you need help with. After introductions, everyone will circulate and network with people sharing how they may be able to address stated needs. You will go away with multiple ideas of how to address your stated challenge! POWERFUL!!

This is the flagship group for RCN. We will be expanding to other cities as demand requires, and you can be a part!

Be part of the Radical Collaboration movement!!


Dream Achiever's Women's Mastermind Group


Are you looking for more?
JOIN US the 2nd Tuesday of every month, at a location in Aurora, from 7:30 - 9:00 pm. 

Our purpose is to elevate levels of success together. #TogetherWeThrive

Why should you attend?

✔  Learn powerful success concepts on the science of wealth creation to help take your business to new heights

✔  Mastermind with other powerful like-minded women on the challenges that keep you up at night

 ✔  Built in accountability

We are looking for women who are committed to their success and to helping others succeed as well.


Read It & Reap Reading Club



ANNOUNCING Read It & Reap Reading Club!!!

And you are invited to join!!

This will be a weekly Zoom Room meeting wherein we will be studying various powerful materials together including "As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen, "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, "You Were Born Rich" by Bob Proctor, "The Power of Awareness" by Neville Goddard and MANY more. And we are going to STUDY them - meaning we will spend time on each one, reading the same content for a period of time to really get at the learnings.

The impact will be profound, I guarantee it!!

And you will love it!!

I really look forward to this exciting journey together with you!


Facebook LIves

Want to powerfully kick-start your day?

 Join me at 8 am for a 5-7 minute Facebook LIVE broadcast.



Because with a different theme going every day, you will have various ways to engage in the most POWERFUL content in the world!! Working with legendary BOB PROCTOR there is no shortage of fantastic material I want to share with you. One morning can change your life!! 

Why is each day worth your time? 

Monday Morning MoJo: There are a thousand and one ways to raise your vibration and get you pumped and jazzed about your day and week. I want you to start your week on a really high note!  

Wednesday's Wisdom:  Immersed in this powerful and life changing content that I study every day, I will share my thoughts on it''s meaning and impact. I welcome your interpretations and insights too!!!  

Thursday's Tips & Tricks: In working with Bob Proctor, there are many tricks and tips for creating the results and life you want that I will share with you.  


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