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Sandy is an energized and inspiring keynote speaker, and commands an audience with ease and passion. She has been taught and mentored by legendary Bob Proctor, and is very passionate about the life changing material she is immersed in. She is on a mission to get this powerful information in front of every person everywhere in the world because it is so transformational.

She is committed to helping people understand why they get the results they get, and therefore what they can do to dramatically improve their results. Her content centres around the science of success and wealth achievement, and there is an exact science, and igniting the power within to achieve at much higher levels.

Topics include:

✔ Clarifying dream goals and building desire

✔ How to get on the vibrational frequency of your dream goals (and understanding the Laws of the Universe)

✔ What stops you from achieving success and how to permanently change that

✔ Embracing your Unlimited Potential and Igniting the power within

✔ Creating your Power Life Story

✔ Outwitting doubts, fears and procrastination

✔ Throwing off the Anchors that hold you back (limited self-image, limiting beliefs)

✔ The magical power of the positive attitude

and many more.

Attendees at Sandy's events leave inspired and motivated for change and have tools to start right away. 

Partial List of Speaking Engagements and Workshops

August 2019 - Dreamwinds + Cartier Farms 2019 EAL Symposium; "Time to Soar" Mindset and Motivation Presentation

July 2019 - Juice Plus International Leadership Summit, Leavenworth Washington; Success and Mindset Training


Training Webinars for multiple network marketing companies (e.g. Plunder Design, Rodan + Fields, Juice Plus), May - Present 

Multiple Network Marketing Webinars - Ongoing with various organizations

Training webinars on key dimensions of success and how to apply to quantum leap results


Monthly Seminars in York Region - Ongoing

Unlock the Mind to Success and Wealth Creation

(Last week of every month)


Monthly Public Webinars - global audiences

You Were Born Rich - Now It's Time to Live it.

(First Wednesday of every month)

UNLEASHED Conference, Toronto May 25th 2019

Full day conference together with Bob Proctor on unleashing your potential and success.


Public Seminar – February 24th 2019

- “Unlock the Mind to Wealth Creation” - 2 hour Workshop

Staples Head Office – February 7th 2019 – Workshop Series for Business Clients

- One hour seminar on “Mind Set for Wealth & Success” Business Seminar

Wisdom of Women Network – December 14th 2018 (monthly guest speaker series)

- One hour seminar “Mind Set for Success”

Juice Plus - December 5th 2018 – Team Training Webinar

- One hour webinar “Mind Set for Success”

Women Entrepreneurs of York Region – Tuesday October 30th 2018

- Two hour Success Workshop for Women 

IG Wealth Management – October 24th 2018 

- One hour seminar “Mind Set for Success”

World Financial Group – September 15th 2018 Super Saturday training

- One hour seminar “Mind Set for Success”

Keller Williams Realty Centres – December 11th 2017

- One and a half hour workshop “People Form Habits; Habits Form Futures”


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