What are they saying about Sandy?

~ Melanie Chiu

I've worked with Sandy since end of 2015. Ever since my life has not been the same. I am simple more everything I ever of dreamed of. The best part is I'm not finished yet. There's plenty left of my life to live, discover and become. And I look forward to sharing all the powerful moments with Sandy and the the life changing program she helps Bob Proctor deliver. Together as become more and achieve more. Book your call with Sandy Rutherford  today to learn how to live the life of your dreams!

~ Linda Elming-Freda

I started working with Sandy in October 2017 and have seen a major shift in my focus towards my goals. BIG GOALS. I truly believe that Thinking Into Results will help anyone move towards a positive, prosperous and happy life. DECIDE NOW TO DO IT! 

~ Cristina Romero

I have had Sandy as my mentor since a year ago, and I can say that she has always been there for me. The program is amazing, it requires discipline and commitment, but the results star showing once you decide to change the road in your life, and Sandy is there to make you feel your are the right way. Thank you Sandy for sharing your knowledge, love and care throughout this TIR program, and thank you for helping me to start achieving my goals. God Bless you. 

~ Laurence H.

I have had the pleasure of working with Sandy now for over a year. Without a doubt she has provided outstanding coaching in how do set a boundless goal, get past self imposed limits and really achieve success beyond what was thought possible.

~ Glen Martin

I had the privilege to connect with Sandy recently and she is so transparent and so real about what she is doing as a coach! Truly an inspiration to talk with her and feel the passion she has for empowering others! If you have the privilege definitely check out what she doing and the material she has to offer. She’s got such a drive to see others succeed and I love it! Anyone in need of coaching I highly recommend giving her a call! 

~ Magda

Just wanted to share my first win with the TIR program:

On January 20, 2018, as per lesson 1 of the TIR, I set a goal "to create a very successful online healing business where I provide wonderful service and achieve financial freedom through it"

I followed the instructions of doing the TIR lessons and exercises every day and taking action as advised by you, and I have finally launched the Remote Reiki Service on February 8, 2019. 

Since the launch I have had one client trying out the new service per day, I have bookings requested for the next few days and I already have a great testimonial and referral.  

I feel so blessed that I have enrolled in this program, it is worth the money, time and effort I am investing in it.

I am so grateful to have met you, I believe I was meant to have you as a Coach in order to be put on the right track to achieve my life purpose.

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